This section features links to resources that may be helpful for Maine and federal politics, news outlets and my favorite political commentary.

Maine News Organizations

Sun Journal          Twin City Times        Portland Press Herald          Bangor Daily News


This Day in Maine – Maine Public’s daily news brief on events in Maine

Decode DC – A great, short podcast with digestible information on how politics effects our lives.

Best of The Left – This podcast is a recap of the best parts of other podcasts from the left. It’s a great way to hear quality content without needing to listen to a million shows.

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Dan is one of the best political commentators around. He refers to himself as a “political Martian” since he doesn’t quite fit into any standard category. He is simply full of reason, logic, nuance and thoughtfulness. He doesn’t post shows often, but when he does, they’re wonderful.

2018 Maine Governor Candidate Pages


Betsy Sweet  Site Facebook       Adam Cote Site Facebook      Janet Mills  Site Facebook

Mark Eves  Site Facebook       Diane Russell Site Facebook    James Boyle Site Facebook

Patrick Eisenhart  Site Facebook



Mary Mayhew


Terry Hayes


Richard Light (Mainely Politics Candidate Interview) Site Facebook

Green Party

Jay Dresser        Betsy Marasano