It’s incredibly simple to become a congressman.  With these 3 easy steps, you can too!

1 – Have millionaire family donate land (lots of money) to the state of Maine.

2 – Run for Congress

3 – Have rich family create a PAC to make commercials describing how much you helped Maine by donating the land (lots of money) which qualifies you to be a Congressman!


Just belong to a family with a net worth of half a billion dollars, and you too can beat an experienced, qualified progressive in a Democratic primary to become a Congressman!

Sarcasm aside, here’s what’s going on: Lucas St. Clair’s family donated around 2 million dollars worth of land to the government in 2016.  With no qualifications or prior experience, he was recruited by the Democratic party and is now is running for Congress in a contested Democratic primary. A PAC was created to run TV ads talking about the wonderful thing that St. Clair’s family did for the state. St. Clair’s campaign says it has nothing to do with the PAC or the ads, but we know that is bullshit considering the PAC is run by St. Clair’s best man from his wedding, Nathan Deyesso.

How stupid does St. Clair and his family think we are to believe these ads aren’t connected to him, when his best man runs it?

Who is funding the PAC? How would it be anyone other than Roxanne Quimby, St. Clair’s mother? Why not disclose the funding to clear this up?

Does having a rich family who donates money entitle you to becoming a Congressman, further escalating your wealth?

How is it not obvious to everyone, including the Democratic party, that Lucas St. Clair would lose to Poliquin in the same exact way that Emily Cain did, for being a “Portland elite wealthy Democrat”?

Instead of supporting yet another wealthy, entitled Democrat who thinks they can buy their way into power, why not support an actual true, bold progressive like Jared Golden? Jared has the exact life history, experience, and marketability to be able to take down Bruce Poliquin in November 2018.

Full disclosure: I have met Jared Golden several times and support his campaign. Although I haven’t donated money to him yet, I intend to. I will not be supporting Lucas St Clair in the primary, and despite being a lifelong Democrat, I will not be supporting him in the General, should be the Democrat’s nominee.

Mainely Politics is a political blog focusing on Maine and federal politics, owned and operated by James Ayotte of Auburn, Maine and a member of several Democratic organizations.

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