Governor LePage took to Facebook to proclaim how great his administration is for unemployment. I’m sincerely happy that there is low unemployment in Maine. That’s a good thing for our state’s workers and families.

Not surprisingly, he failed to mention is that he has been saying for years that minimum wage raises are going to destroy our economy and kill thousands of jobs, leading to a soaring unemployment. The minimum wage has been raised twice now, to $9.00 in 2017 and now to $10.00 in 2018. Despite this devastating, terrible, job killing wage hike, (sarcasm if you couldn’t tell) he’s also bragging about unemployment nearing 3%, all due to his wonderful administration.

So, did the minimum wage truly kill thousands of jobs as he predicted? Or, is unemployment in a great spot?

Low unemployment is not only good enough, but good paying jobs are essential. Not only are many Mainers, including thousands of senior citizens, benefiting from the low unemployment, but they’re making more money than they were two years ago.

All because of the minimum wage people voted for against LePage’s wisdom, not because of it.

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