Who runs the website MaineExaminer.com? Why do they post anonymously?

The “Maine news site” potentially helped contribute to the the final outcome of the Lewiston mayoral race by hand picking several leaked emails from one campaign and writing extremely deceptive headlines. They’re now continuing their work by going after the next progressive race, Jared Golden’s bid for Congress. Undoubtedly, we’ll soon see more and more attempts at distorting his record despite being a “Maine news” site.

They will continue to post articles like this Golden one which offer no context and comparison to Republicans, but rather use single-data points to paint the image they want, using no sourcing of data.  People on both sides of the aisle should condemn this lazy, biased, deceptive style of journalism. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a deception issue.

But, that’s the internet. People can write what they want. The real question is, why does this person (or people) do it anonymously? Why are they so afraid of posting their name and being held accountable to the things they write?

Not only is it extremely cowardly, it’s preventing people from making connections from the things the Maine Examiner writes to the people they want to benefit. For example, with the recent Lewiston mayoral race, would it be a relevant factor for the voters to know if the person running Maine Examiner was in direct connection with Shane Bouchard, the race’s winner and candidate who benefited from the articles? Perhaps.

Fake news, false news, biased news and media literacy are on the minds of everyone in 2018. Conservatives seem to be at the focal point of not trusting news more than any other type of person. Why are they then accepting of this “news site” which doesn’t have enough integrity to disclose identities or to source data?

We should demand more from where we get our news from.  We need sourcing. We need to not only hold our government accountable, but hold the people that claim to bring us news that impacts our lives accountable. If an opinionated political blog like Mainely Politics can use my full name, full disclosures and link sources, so should Maine Examiner. Maybe then it will have earned the title of “news.”

UPDATE 1: This blog entry was posted on January 4th, 2018. Since then, several news outlets have created articles on the same subject.
Portland Press Herald Democrats say fake news posted on conservative website, shared by Republican Party, tainted Lewiston mayoral race
Boston Globe In Maine, is GOP linked to flurry of anonymous attacks?

UPDATE 2, January 23rd, 2018: The Maine Democratic Party has filed an ethics complaint against the Maine Examiner.

UPDATE 3: January 24th, 2018 – Evidence has been found that Jason Savage, head of the Maine Republican party, may be directly involved with the crafting of the Maine Examiner page.

UPDATE 4: February 16th, 2018 – Jason Savage has admitted that he does indeed run the Maine Examiner.

Mainely Politics is a political blog focusing on Maine and federal politics, owned and operated by James Ayotte of Auburn, Maine and a member of several Democratic organizations. James also volunteers for several local campaigns including the Ben Chin for Lewiston mayor campaign, described above.

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