Money in politics impacts everything in our lives is the biggest cancer facing our country.

We cannot work together, have a government that helps people or even accept basic realities when money buys our politicians’ votes. The pharmaceutical industry spends over $2billion dollars lobbying Washington as the drug companies donating that money reach all time highs in profits. Democratic politicians have even said some Republicans know that climate change is impacted by man, but can’t publicly admit it or else their oil money for re-election would dry up. But this isn’t a partisan issue, Democrats take a lot of money as well, which is one reason why the Affordable Care Act (during a Democratic majority) failed to get a public option, as many Dems took money from health insurance companies. Add on top of that the terrible decision of Citizen’s United poisoning our system further, helping push forward for the current Republican’s tax bill which is set to be the biggest tax increase in American history.

There’s only one way to actually move our country forward, and that is to move to a clean elections system of public funding for campaigns. A giant step towards this goal is supporting our candidates courageous enough to run via Clean Elections, publicly funded through small donations rather than millionaires or big companies. We have a great opportunity here in Maine to support Betsy Sweet, Democrat for Governor by donating $5 to her Clean Elections campaign. It just takes a minute and can be done online. Regardless of which candidate you want to support in the Democratic primaries or in the General Election, regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, everyone wanting to have campaign finance reform should donate to Betsy’s campaign!

For those interested in donating, here are a few guidelines directly from Betsy:

  1. You can give $5 even if you’ve already contributed $100 in seed money. And if you’ve given less than $100. And if you’ve given nothing.
  2. The $5 does not go to her campaign. It goes to the Maine Clean Elections Fund.
  3. The best way to contribute is online: <— CLICK THERE.
  4. You must be a registered Maine voter. Party affiliation (or lack thereof) does not matter.

And here’s a video made by Betsy’s campaign!


After you’re done donating to her campaign’s Clean Elections, encourage your friends and family to do the same and then check out the interview she did for Mainely Politics or visit her Facebook page or website!

Mainely Politics is a political blog focusing on Maine and federal politics, owned and operated by James Ayotte of Auburn, Maine and a member of several Democratic organizations. Be sure to Like the Facebook page to see future content!

All opinions are my own and not representative of any other organization, company or person other than me. -James




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