Many fellow Democrats have criticized the voters of Alabama who are sticking with Roy Moore. “How can you support the guy who is accused by 9+ women of being a pedophile?” A lot of Dems have talked a big game about how it’s not a partisan critique, but a moral and ethical one.

If that’s the truth and the outrage against Moore isn’t partisan, we need to remove our own elected officials who have had nearly as many, if not more accusers come forth with accusations. Namely against Al Franken and John Conyers.

Nancy Pelosi recently defended Conyers saying how he’s an “icon” and didn’t call for him to resign. (Note: If you’re an “icon” in many ways but you’re a sexual predator then you’re still a piece of shit and you being an “icon” means absolutely nothing.) Many Dems have criticized Franken, but haven’t called for his resignation either. Only after Pelosi has had a rival (who wishes to take her Speaker spot) come out against Pelosi and Conyers has Pelosi now taken the allegations more seriously.  If we’re able to dismiss allegations against our candidates as insincere or “fake news” why can’t Roy Moore supporters do the same?

To be clear: I don’t think Franken’s insensitivity and crimes are of the same veracity and demand punishment as Conyers threatening to fire people for sexual acts, or Moore molesting underage women. However, if we’re going to truly walk the walk and not just talk the talk about caring for women and treating everyone equal, then we need to remove Franken. He may not deserve jail time, but he does not deserve to be in office. It hurts me to say that for how much I looked up to his work, but it is a harsh truth.  We often say “equality means equality for all, not for some” when we try to defend our stances of gay marriage, progressive tax structures and equality of pay wages. If we want to hold onto this moral high ground for past and future arguments, we need the equality of punishment and removal of office to be consistent, too. On top of it being the right thing to do, Franken and Conyers are both in extremely heavily Democratic seats, we would easily replace them with more Dems. It’s moral and also politically advantageous!

By making excuses for our own candidates and demonizing those across the aisle, all we’re doing is reminding Alabama voters that this is a game, and it’s “okay if it’s your candidate” because the opposing party are the real bad guys. If Alabama votes him into office in eleven days, we have absolutely no one to blame other than ourselves.

Make the hard choice by getting Franken and Conyers out.

While we’re at it, Pelosi needs to lose her job, too.

I’m James Ayotte, owner and operator of Mainely Politics blog and Facebook site. Be sure to Like the page for future entries!

I’m a resident of Auburn, a member of the Auburn Democrats, the Maine Young Dems, Maine People’s Alliance, and the Chair of the Androscoggin County Young Dems



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