The news has broken today that Mueller’s investigation is filing its first charges. The federal grand jury impaneled to investigate the allegations of improper relations between President Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia approved a first round of charges. A federal judge has ordered that the indictments be sealed.

Pretty big news, right? Almost all major news organizations think so and have it on the top of their page. But one of them would prefer to scare you with “TERRORISTS AT LARGE!” and call for an end to the probe.  “Don’t look over here behind the curtain, instead, be afraid of terrorists!”  You’ll never guess who.


In a day and age where most major news sources are biased, poor quality journalism and pure sensationalism, Fox News is King of the garbage heap. They are a conservative entertainment channel and nothing more. Get your conservative news elsewhere. The Daily Wire, The National Review, The Wall Street Journal, The American Conservative and others.  There are plenty of reasonable, accurate conservative sites and channels out there. Fox News is not one of them.


I’m James Ayotte, owner and operator of Mainely Politics blog and Facebook site. Be sure to Like the page for future entries!

I’m a resident of Auburn, a member of the Auburn Democrats, the Maine Young Dems, Maine People’s Alliance, and the Chair of the Androscoggin County Young Dems

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