During the Auburn mayoral debate between Jason Levesque and Adam Lee, Mr. Levesque made a startling admission. He said that if the Lewiston-Auburn merger passes and he is elected mayor, he would walk away from the position, refusing to serve. This would be done in protest against the will of the voters.

Mr. Levesque speaks often of how he’s a 5th generation Auburn resident and how much he loves the city, yet he’d be willing to walk away from it and not represent Auburn’s best interests in merger discussions? If the merger passes, Auburn would need a strong leader to represent us on the transition team. He advertises himself as a leader, but walking away from a “dying city” (as he puts it) is clearly the opposite of leading.

We have to ask ourselves, in addition to the merger, what other decisions, city council votes or changes to Auburn would also cause him to walk away? Too many ordinance changes by the council? Too much discussion with Lewiston about working together by the community? When is it going to be the “destruction of Auburn” (again, as he puts it) and we have to fear him walking away?  It’s an honor to be elected mayor, it isn’t something to be dismissed easily. Why should we take that risk, and why elect someone who clearly isn’t dedicated and passionate to serving?

This is the difference between a businessperson with no governing experience and a true public servant. Public servants serve to the fullest of their abilities with Auburn’s best interest at heart and fulfill the will of the voters on any and every issue, regardless of their personal preference for a vote. Business people like Mr. Levesque can simply walk away if the democratic process doesn’t go their way. We aren’t all so lucky. We will continue working to improve Auburn regardless of the merger vote, and we deserve a mayor who will be there right along with us.

Adam Lee will be there right along with us, fighting for all of our best interest, regardless of the way that the merger goes. He has been here before the vote and he’d be here after it. To me, he is the clear candidate that we deserve.

Note: For your own sourcing and reference, view the mayoral debate below. The merger discussions where the video starts, and Mr. Levesque’s statement is around 47:20 where he says he won’t take the seat.


I’m James Ayotte, owner and operator of Mainely Politics blog and Facebook site. Be sure to Like the page for future entries!

I’m a resident of Auburn, a member of the Auburn Democrats, the Maine Young Dems, Maine People’s Alliance, and the Chair of the Androscoggin County Young Dems

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