This entry is the first of many to come of candidate interviews for elected office in the state of Maine for 2017 and 2018 races.  Richard Light, Libertarian and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate is gracious enough to be my first emailed interview and was very generous with his time.  Enjoy!

Thank you allowing me to interview you! Please give me an introduction to who you are and why you are qualified to be our next Governor. 

I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and discover what I am trying to offer for the state of Maine. My qualifications for the job include, but are not limited to, enough real life experience to make an impact not only in the government of Maine but across the entire state. I worked over a decade in Private Industry managing million-dollar businesses, I have done public service as a corrections officer in Androscoggin County Maine, I was an infantry veteran in the Army, I have been an educator in art and Mathematics, I have offered my counseling services in schools designed for special education and as well have worked in group homes, halfway houses, and the Maine State Riverview psychiatric facility. Right now I teach math and art on the side while I write novels about Maine and Maine’s economics; for my day job I am a child and family therapist. I believe that the rounded nature of my experience makes me uniquely qualified to fight for and work for all of the people of Maine.

You have written about your desire to remove sales tax for Mainers and have said “Income tax is slave labor and slavery was abolished a long time ago.” Please elaborate on your positions and how we would balance our budget, not simply raise property taxes or lose services by removing the income tax and sales tax.

The solution to removing taxes in Maine is begun in understanding that I am advocating for a State government that provides free (actually free) Healthcare and higher education to those who can’t (or don’t want to) afford it.

By taking Maine government in a direction where people can trade higher education for their service to our needy, we can trade the costs on college kids and the costs for institutions for an actually free system.

Government is greedy and the only way we will shift from a society where our master’s control us through money, is to remove that incentive for them. What kind of government would we have if people serving us did so out of love and compassion, out of a desire to help and a willingness to work fo others? The answer? We would have a Libertarian Government.

My business plan adds thousands of doctors, nurses, counselors, social workers, and teachers to Maine’s employment rolls while decreasing taxes! This is not an easy idea for those conditioned to see what we have now as the only solution, but in this movement, we are innovative. Like FDR, many claimed it couldn’t be done.. and yet, the new deal was made.

This is the New, New Deal.

The referendum process and how often it’s used is constantly under scrutiny. What are your thoughts on the people using referendums to create law?

I do not appreciate one segment of Maine determining the outcomes and investments of the other parts. Referendums are good in that they let Mainers see what is important to many other Mainers, but, I feel the 51% bar is too low to pass one. Most Maine communities and even many aspects of the legislature require 66% to pass laws and ordinances. I would like to see that number set for the State referendums.

Ranked Choice Voting gives an opportunity for third parties to receive more votes without citizens fearing the “spoiler effect”. What are your thoughts on implementation of RCV despite the Maine court giving an opinion that it’s unconstitutional?

Rank choice was shot down by the legislature. The idea of a Democrat or Republican having to compete against Greens, socialists, and Libertarians was too much for them. While many hide behind the State Constitution, the reality is, the Maine Constitution has been changed to suit the 2 party system and used as a wall to prevent equal access for the rest of us. The road blocks for diverse representation are clear and we need something to better offer diversity. Ideas wanted!

As governor, how would you facilitate the emergence of companies into the green energy market?

Equal access and equal opportunity for all companies is what Libertarianism stands for. Government needs to get out of the business of propping their own companies and their buddies companies up above others.

Green tech will and can continue to evolve if given equal access. What I do not stand with is crony handouts. If government stays in the energy industries, we will continue to fund poor ideas and restrict access for good ones.

Name as many regulations on business that you think are essential for the government to provide that the free market cannot adequately solve.

While people will claim businesses will not pay people what they are worth and discriminate against people they do not like, this is a series of stances that in our century would get you some seriously negative publicity. Facebook has done more for social justice than any government agency has done in 50 years. Let businesses be bigots, let them pay crap wages, and then watch them close their doors and file bankruptcy.  I get the desire to want to control the evil empires of corporatism, but the reality is, the only reason any corporation gets away with low wages and discrimination is that they are actually protected from bankruptcy, lawsuits, and public complaints by the government.

During the state’s brief shutdown in July 2017, you were vocally and publicly supporting the shutdown and wished that it continued, citing many reasons including the “$22 million dollars Mainers saved every day.” As Governor, would you push to have the government shutdown purposefully?

There are endless reasons that government deserves to be put out of business (police states and abuse, corporate bailouts and crony corporatism), but the shut down is not pleasant for many, many Mainers.  While I want to move jobs out of government and back to the tax-generating sector, a reasonable method is better than the one that sends people, home unpaid and unsecure in their ability to pay bills and eat.  We need many aspects of government to stop, and as governor I look to do that through offering severance or transfer from departments that need to go away into ones we still will need to keep around.  I would never force a shutdown on Maine Government on purpose.

Any final thoughts or comments? And where can readers go to find more information about you?

Thanks for the opportunity to chat. I look forward to any of your reader’s questions about the campaign and these exceptionally progressive initiatives.

Follow me at my Facebook page. Visit my website. And pick up the economic guide.

Or join me and chat at any event which we host all around Maine! I am here for Mainers, not cronies, not to install a regime, and definitely not to perpetuate the abuses and oppression of our government.

Thank you kindly,

Richard Light

Maine Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate 2018

Thanks again to Richard for agreeing to being interviewed. Up next are Democrats Betsy Sweet and Adam Cote Governor! I will also be interviewing several CD2 candidates attempting to win Bruce Poliquin’s seat. Check back soon for additional interviews. and be sure to Like the Mainely Politics Facebook page.

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