No matter how much you dislike Trump, now is not the time to push for impeachment.

Nothing is more true than “Come at the king, you best not miss”, the famous quote said by Omar from ‘The Wire’. Trump likens himself more of a King than a President, so the concept works well.

If we go after Trump to take him and his associates down, it has to be airtight, bulletproof and we can’t “miss”. It’s already nearly impossible of a task the first time, but if there’s a failed impeachment, another one will simply seem even more like sour grapes and we’ll suffer from a boy who cried wolf effect.  It won’t have credibility and he will escape all scandals or future impeachments unscathed.

If we’re looking at taking down the President of the United States and his campaign (administration) we can’t jump the gun. We have to have every single piece of information available.  Rumors and unconfirmed sources (fake news!) have said that it’s not just Trump, Manafort, Page and Michael Flynn, but Pence and Ryan are complicit and involved to a certain amount. If true, even more time to broaden the scope is needed. A special prosecutor in Robert Mueller was only just declared this week. We need to give him and the FBI time. James Comey only just confirmed that he will speak to the Senate Intelligence Committee publicly. This is going to take a long time.

It may even take until the mid-terms in 2018. If that’s the case, by the time the information comes out, Democrats may have won Congress back and may have the numbers to do what the Republicans wouldn’t have.  The one circumstance that I could see Republicans pulling the trigger is if the public opinion is so overwhelming and they are all at fear for their jobs.  That would again, take a lot of time to develop and accept.

On top of giving Mueller time, Trump is his own undoing. The longer the investigation goes on, the hotter the fire at his heels, the more he will meltdown. Stuff like threatening Comey with tapes via twitter and criticizing Mueller are self inflicted wounds that will only allow for a stronger case for Impeachment.

All this being said, I don’t believe he will actually reach the point of getting impeached. I think that if the fire gets too hot and things trend in that direction, he would resign in disgrace before being taken down. He is such a massive narcissist that he’d rather quit and say it was all rigged, a witch hunt and ‘fake news’ rather than allow himself to ever ‘lose’ by being impeached. Losing and the optics of losing are everything. Resigning is on his terms and not allowing people to take him down.

One additional thing to consider is that whatever special prosecutor Mueller finds, we on the left (or any anti-Trump supporters) need to respect and honor the results. He has been highly touted by law enforcement, Republicans and Democrats alike. We can’t start going after Mueller if he doesn’t get the end result we want, even if it doesn’t produce enough to impeach.

We’re moving in that direction, but now is not the time to push for impeachment… No matter how much he deserves it.


All opinions are my own and not representative of any other organization, company or person other than me. -James

James is resident of Auburn, a member of the Auburn Democrats, the Maine Young Dems, Maine People’s Alliance, and the Communication’s Coordinator of the Androscoggin County Young Dems

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