(Originally posted on FB on January 23rd, 2017)

A lot of people have complained about the marches that took place on Saturday January 21st, 2017, the day after Donald T’s inauguration. Complaints such as “They’re all whiners” or “They don’t have jobs and are complaining about losing their entitlements” and “They’re sore losers about Hillary failing” and “What rights do women NOT have that I have as a man?” and other nasty, ignorant insults.

The reason for the march was not simply that women do not have the same legal rights as men. It was much more than that. It’s not that these women (and many ally men) are marching to acquire a right that they don’t have, they’re marching to preserve the rights that they do have, and to bring awareness to the massive inequality at how we view, value, and treat the women of our country. Specifically, how Donald T views, values and treats women.

Donald T being elected isn’t just one more Republican getting elected, “same old story” as we go back and forth between Dems and Republicans. If he was, people would have “whined and wah, wah we don’t like Bush/Bush/Reagan” to the same degree. They didn’t. This march was unprecedented – and that’s because he has said and done things in his career and specifically in his campaign that directly impacts the lives of our entire country and our entire world, but a lot of it is focused on women. We have seen division in the country (and I believe we would be just as divided right now if Hillary had won, but Trump supporters would be the ones protesting) but people are fearful and have anxiety unparalleled to most of history, other than maybe around the Civil War. The fact that they channeled it all into a positive march, with 99.99% being peaceful and non-violent, is absolutely insane and should be applauded.

In past elections, we would at least FAKE the idea that we treat women equally – if a politician stepped out of line with an affair or sexual scandal, it could bury them. With Donald T, he has been on the record talking about sexually abusing women using his power, wanting to punish women (i.e. jail) for having abortions, has shown a huge amount of misogyny with past comments in his life like LAUGHING when he was asked if he respects women, fat shaming a beauty pageant winner, calling a breastfeeding woman “disgusting”, and attempting to cheat on his pregnant wife – oh, specifically, his 4th wife while preaching conservative ‘family values’. (Bonus example: In a 2005 radio interview, Donald T said he didn’t change diapers because it’s the wife’s job. In fact, he said he wouldn’t marry a woman who expected this of him. “There’s a lot of women out there that demand that the husband act like the wife and you know there’s a lot of husbands that listen to that,” he said. “So you know, they go for it.”)

Donald T is now President of the United States. He’s making decisions daily that impact the lives of millions nationally, and hundreds of millions around the globe (including just today 1/23/17, signed an executive order, to essentially stop funding international options for women to get healthcare needs like birth control and abortion.) The things he has said and done, and will do, MATTER. And it doesn’t just matter to women; it matters to men, too. That’s why a lot of men were marching as well.

People do not mobilize, orchestrate and participate in marches down the streets in the middle of winter because they’re “whining” because they didn’t get the result they wanted in the election. That doesn’t bring people out of their homes. It never has. They see that this man is a true danger to many things we hold dear as Americans, regardless of gender.

Bonus video related to this topic – a video titled “American’s long history of hating on protesters” which came out shortly after the election but prior to inauguration. This is just one more example of people hating on a protest/marches, but in time, we’ll look back and appreciate what took place.

All opinions are my own and not representative of anyone other than me. -James

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