Tonight (2/23/17) at Museum L/A in Lewiston, Ben Chin announced his candidacy for Mayor of Lewiston 2018.

I am beyond excited to know that he’s running again. Regardless of what your political ideology is, Ben is a terrific candidate. He is an honest person and he oozes integrity. You can work with someone like that. You can negotiate and compromise with someone like that.

Although his political values line up with mine, he reminds me a lot of myself in that he doesn’t play the party lines game, he makes his decisions based on what’s the best course of action, not the letter next to someone’s name. That’s extremely rare in our political climate, and I don’t think people recognize it or appreciate it when they see it. Because of this mentality, Ben will fight for and represent everyone that Lewiston inhabits. That’s not even to mention his experience, intellect, knowledge and strong speaking skills as a good ambassador for Lewiston.

I am really excited about volunteering time to his campaign to help him win and watching what great things he can do to help reach Lewiston’s potential!


All opinions are my own and not representative of anyone other than me. -James



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